AMBA 2010
Challenges in Saving the Tiger
  • Director: Naresh Bedi (India)

    Graduated in Motion Picture Photography from the premier Film and Television Institute of India in 1969, winning Gold medal for the best all-round student and Silver Medal for the best-photographed diploma film of the year. With his brother Rajesh he established Bedi Films in l970 and nurtured it to become one of the leading producers of world class documentaries on wildlife & environment. Naresh won the Panda or the ‘«Green Oscar» as Best Wildlife Cameraman at the “Wildscreen 1984, first Asian to get any such recognition.

India,  2010,  50 min.
The film looks at the achievements and failures of the prestigious Project Tiger which was launched in l973 to protect tigers from extinction. It has been filmed over several years across India and has splendid aerial of diverse tiger country for the first time. Rare and lively tiger behavioral footage, frank interviews supported with technical data bring out the real challenges which Tiger conservation faces today - unlike some films which are critical and have one sided view.