Russian Cartoons 2010
Adventure of One Fox
  • Director: Andrey Kuznetsov (Russia)

    Was born in 1966 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Studied Graphics at Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, then took courses of animation at Pilot studio, graduated from Advanced Higher Scriptwriting and directing Course. Since 1990 works as animator, since 1992 as artistic director at the Pilot studio. The author of a series of works Cheburaki from a project Cheburgen. Currently works as a director at the  Pilot studio.

Russia,  2009,  13 min.
Russian Cartoons

Once upon a time there lived Fox. He was cunning and greedy. And it was never enough for him, he always coveted for someone else's good. He cheated his neighbors and passers-by and everyone who made him any good. But all whom he had hurt joined together and slewed Fox so well that he became a laughing stock.