Russian Cartoons 2010
Soldier Song
  • Director: Yelena Chernova (Russia)

    Yelena Chernova was born in Yekaterinburg, in 1962. She graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry, the Pilot Studios animation course, and the School of Screen Writers and Film Directors. She worked at the Bolshevik shoe factory in Moscow, Pilot Studios, and advertising agencies. Selected filmography: - On the Girl Who Found Her Teddy Bear (2002) - 2+1=... (2003) - Won’t Tell! (2006) - The Hare Servant (2007) - A Soldier Song (2009)

Russia,  2009,  13 min.
Russian Cartoons
A tale on how guardian angels decided to shame a thief, byt not to show his disgrace in public.