Russian Cinema 2010
Another Sense
  • Director: Yury Grymov (Russia)

    Russian director, producer, screenwriter. He shot more than 600 commercial and music videos that received more than 70 different prizes at various festivals. Works as a director since 1996. Member of Russian Film Academy.


Russia,  2010,  105 min.
Anton Shagin, Alexandr Baluev, Natalya Naumova, Valery Barinov, Vitaly Haev
Russian Cinema

His father dreams to be the president of the USA. His grandma is Angelina Jolly, his grandpa is Brad Pitt. He was blind. And when he got the epiphany, the first man he saw was Andrey Malakhov. Chinese people kidnapped his father. His only choice is to take the crossbow and to revenge. Explicit movie from Yuri Grymov where love wins at all costs.