Russian Cinema 2010
Act of Nature
  • Director: Sergey Osipyan (Russia)

    Sergey Osipyan graduated in 1993 from the Advanced higher Scriptwriting and Directing Course (class of Alexander Kaidanovsky). In 1994, directed a stage production of Dostoevsky’s “White Nights in London’s New End Theater. Worked in the Film Programming Department of Russia’s Channel One. In 2008, completed his first feature film, Parni s Marsa (Guys from Mars)

  • Director: Alexander Lungin (Russia)

    Alexander Lungin graduated from the Department of History of Moscow State University. Author of many screenplays. Act of nature is his directing debut.

Russia,  2010,  73 min.
Gleb Podgorodinsky, Ksenia Kutepova, Fedor Lavrov
Russian Cinema

One day in the life of Yuri, a Muscovite who is stuck in a remote village in the north of Russia. He should have returned to the city a long time ago, but he keeps wandering around the sad, deserted autumn fields and forests. His wife and his best friend are trying to make him return, to go back to his regular life. But Yuri feels like he’s about to understand something important. He leaves the people he loves and remains one on one with nature. However, the universe is playing a different game with him.