AMBA 2010
The Amur Tiger in the Third Millenium
  • Director: Vasily Solkin (Russia)

    When in 1999 Vasily Solkin founded the “"Call of the Taiga" magazine (a magazine for those who do not rush to liave for Hawaii) and the eponymous TV studio, he combined two of his professions - biology and journalism. The studio produced more than 30 documentaries that received awards at major Russian and international festivals.

Russia,  2010,  42 min.
It is an uneasy talk about the destiny of the rare cat that lives together with us, Russians, on the same land. The severe plot of the film reminds a western, but the action takes place not in the Wild West but in the Russian Far East. And the shots and cuts here are of the same despair. The killed tigers and cut down cedars fall on the ground and will never rise again. The last scene of the film is the famous picture of Vladimir Putin kissing the Amur tiger. This symbolic gesture shows the hope of thousands of people that a tiger has a chance to survive.