AMBA 2010
Danger in Tiger Paradise
  • Director: Mike Birkhead (United Kingdom)

    Producer and director. Graduated from the Oxford University, PhD in Zoology. His TV career started in London in 1984, he worked in various genres: from news to entertaining programs and commercials. Mike Birkhead is an author of 12 movies about tigers and their conservation and survival problems. Among them there is Battle to save the tiger”- a movie, awarded at the most prestigious wildlife film festival Wildscreen in 2008.

United Kingdom,  2002,  50 min.
The highly respected Indian tiger conservationist, Valmik Thapar, returns to Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan, to witness the progress of Machli, a tigress that he has been following for four years. Machli now has to raise her family in the most difficult circumstances. The male she mated with to produce her first litter of two sons died and two new male tigers have moved in. To mate with her they may have to kill her cubs first... A beautiful film full of unique and subtle tiger behaviour.