AMBA 2010
Endangered Emperors of Siberia
  • Director: Park Soo Yong (Korea)

    Was born in 1964. Documentary director and producer. Since 1991, mainly filmed nature documentary in Russia. Educational Broadcasting System, South Korea.


Korea,  2004,  60 min.

Though living in an isolated area where human settlement is difficult, the Siberian tiger suffers from increasing encroachment onto its territory. Human territorial advancement has led to a loss of food supply, destruction of habitat, and a threat from poachers who would steal its hide or its bones for traditional medicine and aphrodisiacs. In 2002, an EBS nature documentary team returned to Lazo Nature Reserve and its surrounding area in Primorsky Region, the Russian Far East, where in 1997 and 1998 they successfully captured on film the seriously threatened Siberian tiger.  Enduring biting cold along Russian Far Eastern frontier, the crew set up several small, underground camp where they spent two harsh winters from September 2002 to May 2004.