In short... 2010
It Seems to Be Over, but It May Be Not
  • Director: Maxim Zykov (Russia)

    Born in 1981 in chernogorsk (Krasnoyarsk region). graduated from the theatre institute (class of l. Kheifets), and appeared in 15 films (Diary of a Kamikadze by Dmitri Meskhiev, Stormy Gates by andrei Maliukov, Cruelty  by Marina liubakova, Burnt by the sun 2: the citadel by Nikita Mikhalkov, etc.). Since 2006, student of directing Department of VGIK (class of s. soloviev and V. rubinchik). During his course he made two clips.

Russia,  2010,  18 min.
In short...

Serezha visits the doctor to get the certificate of the swimming pool. Unable to bear the procedure Serezha loses consciousness and hits his head on the tiles. Subsequently the doctors drill a hole in his skull to extract what they have discovered...