In short... 2010
  • Director: Sola Monova (Russia)

    Sola Monova (Yulia Solomonova) born in Vladivostok in 1979, where she got higher education of stage director and economist, and was working at TV company for more than 7 years. Director of Gameplay TV channel and a 5th year student of the Film directing department of VGIK.

  • Director: Andrey Harseev (Russia)

    Andrey Harseev born in Moscow in 1989. In 2005 graduated from Moscow International Film School. Currently he is a 4th year student of the Institute of Modern Art (Moscow).

Russia,  2009,  3 min.
In short...

Atmospheric short movie. Authors tried to reveal the mood of a golden cage. Rublevka. Cottage in a luxury single housing development behing the walls of ancient pines. The main female character has a perfect life. Everything is so perfect that the only wish is to smoke secretly a cigarette. And if you run out of cigarettes, you…ll have to come out to the bus stop.