Tender age 2010
A Crowd of Three
  • Director: Tatsushi Omori (Japan)

    Director Tatsushi Omori is one of the most important directors in Japan. Born in Tokyo in 1970. He began making and acting in 8 mm films as a university student. Worked as a nude model His first feature as director  The Whispering of the Gods (05) was praised in Japan and abroad. It was shown at many festivals, including the "Filmmakers of the Present" at the Sao Paolo International Film Festival.

Japan,  2010,  131 min.
Shota Matsuda, Kengo Kora, Sakura Ando
Tender age

Kenta and Jun, raised in the same orphanage, are like brothers. They work together on building demolition sites for low pay and under terrible conditions, and also have to put up with the incessant bullying of their older co-worker. One night when they are out hitting on any woman who goes by, they meet Kayo. Jun starts living at her place. Kenta has older brother Kazu. When Jun was 13, Kazu was arrested for molesting a little girl. They decide to visit Kazu, in prison in the far northern town. Kenta, Jun, and Kayo set out on a journey from which there is no coming back.