Panorama 2010
Whisper with the Wind
  • Director: Shahram Alidi (Iran)

    Was born in Sanandaj, Iranian Kurdistan, in 1971. While still at school, he developed an interest in writing and drama and appeared in several plays. He went on to study art & design at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Tehran, obtaining a master’s degree in 1998. In 2000 he was drawn towards animated film, continuing his studies at the Motion Film Faculty. His short film,  The Last Uncounted Village, directed in 2003, has had much success at numerous international film festivals. Whisper with the wind is his first feature.

Iraq,  2009,  77 min.
Omar Chawshin, Maryam Boubani, Fakher Mohammad Barzani

Mam Baldar, the winged uncle, is a postman like no other who, for many years, has travelled among the mountainous villages of Iraqi Kurdistan recording and delivering people’s messages. One day, a partisan commander asks him to make a recording of his newborn child’s first cry. Mam sets off to find the commander’s village and, once there, is informed that all the children in the area, as well as the commander’s pregnant wife, have been evacuated to a far–off valley. Mam at once heads out for the valley.