Panorama 2010
Empire of Midsouth
  • Director: Jacques Perrin (France)

    Jacques Perrin - a well known French actor and producer. Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor. In 1968 founded his own film company. He produced several documentaries that had world success: Microcosmos, 1996, Winged Migration, 2001, Oceans, 2010.

  • Director: Eric Deroo (France)

    Eric Deroo  - French anthropologist, scriptwriter, and documentary director. The majority of his films are dedicated to the history of colonial France and to the problems of assimilation of colony immigrants to the modern life of the country.

France,  2009,  85 min.

A remarkable film with rare archive footage of the first steps of the colonisation of French Indochina to the fall of Saigon after the American Army had left Vietnam. Jacques Perrin reads out passages from Vietnamese, French and American writings giving a transcription of the history of Vietnam. The archives, coming from both professionals and amateurs, have been collected for over 10 years by Galatee Films to offer a unique visual animated overview of the fascinating and painful Vietnamese history.