Panorama 2010
  • Director: Bui Thac Chuyen (Vietnam)

    Was born in Hanoi in 1968. His father is a writer, and his mother is a painter. He studied at the Department of Acting, Hanoi Institute of Theatre and Cinema. In 1990, he became the actor of the Vietnam Theater. He started to make short films and TV series in 1991. He studied film directing at Hanoi Institute of Theatre and Cinema. In 2000, his 35mm graduation film Night run made him the first Vietnamese film director that won prize at Cannes 2000.


Vietnam,  2009,  110 min.
Do Thi Hai Yeu, Pham Linh Dan, Johny Tri Nguyen

Duyen, the main character, got married to Hai, a young man who is still very innocent. They don’t make love like other couples. They are just like two good friends. Duyen has a girlfriend, Cam, a writer and quietly in love with Duyen but pretends to be tortured by her love for a man named Tho. At the same time, another woman named Vi is also desperately in love with Tho. One day Duyen comes to see Cam and Cam asks her to deliver a letter to Tho. The meeting of Duyen and Tho starts a series of shifts in relations of all the characters.