Panorama 2010
  • Director: E-J Yong (Korea)

    Director E-J Yong made his debut with  An Affair (1998).   He created films about women more meticulously than women could themselves. He always tried something new with ever movie he has made. Through The Actreses, with Korea’s top actresses, he pioneers in creating a new genre once more. Through The Actresses, which will go down as the most unprecedented movie in history, everyone will find a new kind of movie-watching pleasure they’ve never experienced before.  


Korea,  2009,  104 min.
YOUN Yuh-Jung, KO Hyun-Jung, CHOI Ji-Woo, KIM Min-Hee, KIM Ok-Vin

On Christmas Eve, in order to shoot Vogue Korea’s special edition, six actresses ranging from their twenties to their sixties come together at a studio. This should be the first attempt to break the rules of the fashion world. The golden rule – actresses” who are accustomed to being in the spotlight should never be in one place for a group photo shoot. A psychological warfare erupts. On top of that, the gems which they were going to shoot with are late due to a snowstorm. They wait endlessly, the crew on the set becomes worried. On the contrary to the worries of the crew, these undaunted and frank actresses get together in a table and start a talk about what it is to live as an actress in Korea.