Special screening 2009
Video art exhibition “Solidarity Territories”
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Special screening

Fall of the Berlin Wall, Tiananmen Square students protests, triumph of the Solidarity trade union in the parliament elections in Poland, massive miners strikes in USSR — 1989, perhaps, was the most important year of the newest history. Drastic transformations began on the world political landscape.

Viewing all the consequences, it's important to note that it was the process of Germany uniting that has launched the wheel of socialist camp taking-down, and the world history has turned to the new stage. The Berlin Wall that used to be a symbol of the grand ideological opposition, became the most eloquent embodiment of the collective declaration of intent. This physical barrier was unique for its paradoxical conceptual understading.

The Wall has romanticized all the contradictions of capitalism. On the one hand, it was some kind of a firing ground for the ideological fight, and it was there, at the division line, where future was constructed attaining the silhouette of the modern reality. On the other hand, the fact that that barrier have been overcome is the brightest illustration of the highest point of solidarity. Evidently, the modern solidarity cognitive field, the uniting thought, has been sliced into the independent territories with only episodic connections between them. Existential solidarity mode has moved to the ground of individual fetishes, private gain, and fight of different minorities for their rights. And even within the joint social groups there are lots of subgroups with the contacts between them only be means of the primitive tangible products exchange.

Only daedal spaces, transcendental to the reality can claim a special status of a utopian area, where simultaneous move of the collective bodies can demonstrate itself to the reality. Considering the modest role of an amusement attraction that the headship of logics and rationality has left for the «miraculous appearance, only something opposing life itself could be an absolute miracle.

It may sound awful, but only death has potential of the total solidarity. By destructing all contradictions and borders it creates a whole world without segregation.

Andrey Vasilenko, exhibition curator



Russia / 2008 / Single-Channel Video



Artist: Alex Buldakov 
Born in 1980 in Kostroma, Russia. He is one of the most advanced young artists in Russian, ex-member of the art-group Radek. Participated in several international exhibitions, including Istanbul Biennale (2007) and Europe Biennale Manifesta (2002).

Courtesy by XL Gallery
Winzavod art center, bld. 6, 1, 4 Siromiatnichesky per., Moscow 105120, Russia
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A Declaration
Netherlands — Israel / 2006 / 7min 50 sec / Single-Channel Video


Imitating the aesthetics of the Israeli propaganda films of 1940s, the video tells the story of a young man sailing from Jaffa to an unnamed island where Israel flag is waving on a pole. His only aim is to put down the flag and plant a tree instead. The artist uses an elegant metaphor to study problematic episodes of her country?s history, where national interests are followed by rhetoric of aggression and revenge, and pushing a feeling of total guilt upon everyone.



Artist: Yael Bartana
Born in 1970, in Israel. She is one of the most interesting contemporary artists. Participated in a number of international art forums, including Manifesta 4 (2002), Busan Biennale (2004) and the most prestigious contemporary art exhibition Documenta 12 (2007). In 2009, her retrospective was screened at the contemporary art center P.S.1, New York.

Courtesy by Annet Gelink Gallery
Laurierstraat 187-189, NL-1016 PL Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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E-mail: info@annetgelink.com


Class I / Class II / Class III
Thailand / 2005 / Series of three videos / Single-Channel Video


Apparently, the phenomenon of death is the one of high priority for the artistic interpretation. «Class» series is one of the thoroughgoing examples of such an artistic experience. Some while lasting discussion about death is addressed to the dead people directly. Evidently, there is no response at all, but the silence is, probably, the only one adequate way to answer these eternal questions.


Artist: Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook
Born in 1957 in Thailand. She is one of the most popular contemporary artists in Thailand. Participated in the numerous international exhibitions, including Sydney Biennale (1996), Istanbul Biennale (2003). Presented Thailand on Venice Biennale (2005).

Courtesy by the artist
E-mail: araya@chiangmai.ac.th 


The Singing Lesson I
Poland / 2001 / 14 min / Single-Channel Video


The video narrates a story of a choir of the young men with the hearing pathology, performing the tract. In the face of this action, that is not compatible to their abilities, the artist, constructing this paradoxical situation shows the symbolic points of contact between the different worlds. The singing appears to be the cause of the alliance, where the otherness does not matter at all.


Artist: Artur Zmijewski
Born in 1966 in Warsaw. He is one of the most famous and authoritative video artists and cinematographers on the international artistic scene. Participated a number of large-scale projects including Biennale in Liverpool (2002), Manifesta 4 (2002), and Documenta 12 (2007). Presented Poland at the 51st Venice Biennale (2005).

Courtesy by Galerie Peter Kilchmann
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