Сompetition 2010
  • Director: Andrew Wesman (United States)

    Andrew Wesman has been making films ever since he was young to help him understand the world. This early immersion into film led him to study cinema, its history, theories and practices, with vigor and passion through high school and into his college, where he is completing his bachelor's degree at Harvard. With each project, Wesman has pushed himself further, tackling more ambitious storylines, with an ever increasing palette of techniques that remain faithful to the narra- tives and their emotions without ever becoming obtrusive.

United States,  2010,  21 min.
Stephanie Simonoff, Mauricio Acosta

One summer night, 14 year old Shelley impulsively commits a horrific crime. Stunned, she and her boyfriend try to comprehend what has occurred and what they should do next. Her life has changed forever.