Сompetition 2010
Sleeping with Her
  • Director: Chih-Yi Wen (China)

    Was born in 1979 in Taiwan. During her third year at the Department of Radio & Television of the University, she began to work as an assistant to Chen Bo-wen, a Golden Horse Award-winning film editor. Her first television feature film, Nyonya's Taste of Life, was nominated in eight categories and won Best Film, Best Actress and Best Director at the prestigious Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan. Sleeping with Her is her first film shot on 35mm.

Taiwan,  2009,  28 min.
Adinia Wirasti, Lion Yiin-Shang, Peggy Tseng, Lam Lee, Gwen Yao

Titisi is an Indonesian girl who looks after Grandma in Taiwan. Although they live so closely together that they even share the same bed, they fight against each other from time to time. Grandma is trapped in the past. Titisi longs for a brighter future and is convinced that the guy she has met recently is her Mr. Right. However, Titisi gets disillusioned with love as quickly as Grandma’s health deteriorates. Both of them are at the mercy of fate. In the end, Titisi comes to realise that despite their quarrels, Grandma is the only person who accompanies her through the difficult times.