Сompetition 2010
Last Passengers
  • Director: Ricardo Soto (Spain)

    Born in Mexico City in 1988. Ricardo Soto is currently a student at the Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica (Cinema Training Center of Mexico), where he has directed a number of short films including El Infierno Llega (The Hell Arrives), Dos Conejos (Two Rabbits), Laris de Arabia (Laris of Arabia), Ultimos Pasajeros (Last Passengers). He has also taken part in several productions of the Centro.

Mexico,  2010,  20 min.
Eduardo Soto Laris, Miguel Angel Oñate, Mariana Beyer, Ariana Magaña, Llever Aiza, Ignacio Ruiz

A hobo, whose pet is a rat, finds sanctuary in the subway stations and there he observes the daily hustle and bustle of passengers. Another hobo steadily travels the various routes of the same subway under the delusion that he owns the whole system. Both hobos meet face, to face and the conflict bursts. They struggle for the right to be The last passenger, the one who will see the end of this fussing world.