Сompetition 2010
One Day
  • Director: Chi-Jan Hou (China)

    Having worked on the "Database of Taiwan Cinema" during his college days, Hou's works tend to be lyrical and stylish, and are often characterized by the themes of time and memory. His experimental short, Stardust 15749001, won the Grand Prix at the Taipei International Film Festival in 2003. His documentary work, Taiwan Black Movies, which presented cult films made during repressive 1970s-era Taiwan, was nominated for the Golden Horse. One Day is Hou Chi-Jan's feature debut.

Taiwan,  2010,  93 min.
Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh, Bryan Shu-Hao Chang, Gwen Yao

Singing keeps having a recurrent dream - she sees a boy shouting at her but she can neither see his face nor hear what he says. One night at sea on a ferry, she comes across a young soldier who claims to be her future lover. The girl pays no attention to the soldier's seemingly ridiculous story, but a series of mysterious incidents makes her begin to wonder if he might be telling the truth. Bridging islands, transcending loneliness, beyond thought and feeling - we have to dream. One Day is a visual love poem of magical realism.