“Men of Spirit” – documentaries of sports 2009
  • Director: Matt Norman (Australia)

    Born in 1971, in Australia. His works as an actor include such movies as Ghost Rider (opposite Nicholas Cage), U.S. TV-movie Moby-Dick (opposite Gregory Peck) and 17 more titles. In 2004, made his first short film as a director, Shank. Salute is his first feature-length documentary, which won Audience Awards at Rhode Island and Sydney International Film Festivals, and Jury Award at Santa Cruz Film Festival. Currently works on 1968, a dramatized version of the event described in Salute.

Australia,  United States,  2008,  95 min.
“Men of Spirit” – documentaries of sports

Ten days before the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, police and military shot student demonstrators in what became known as the Tlatelolco Massacre. This was the local context in which Australian 200m silver-medalist Peter Norman would take to the podium wearing a badge in support of the Human Rights movement. When the American anthem played, Gold and Bronze medallists John Carlos and Tommie Smith would famously deliver the Black Power salute. The image of the three athletes would become one of the most iconic in a year of global unrest.