Сompetition 2010
Between Two Worlds
  • Director: Vimukthi Jayasundara (Sri Lanka)

    32 years old. Born in Sri Lanka. After The Land of Silence, a documentary about victims of civil war, which participated in several international film festivals (Marseille, Rotter- dam, Berlin), Vimukthi Jayasundara studied in France at Le Fresnoy Art School. His direc- torial debute, The Forsaken Land (Sulanga enu Pinisa) has been officially selected at Cannes Film Festival in 2005 (Un Certain Regard), where it won the Camera D...Or award. Since 2005, Vimukthi lives between Paris and Co- lombo. Between Two Worlds is his second feature film.
Sri Lanka,  2009,  85 min.
Thusitha Laknath, Kaushalya Fernando, Huang Lu

It seems that he had fallen from the sky. Down to Land where chaos, wars and death rule. He had a thought: The story has repeated and I could change nothing again. As usual. Maybe it is better to become a part of the other story?... The magical one. With hope. And if I try it...s possible that yesterday will never occur again. Then he will be able to go back to Sky or able to stay on this foreign Land.