Сompetition 2010
Bi, Don't Be Afraid
  • Director: Dang Di Phan (Vietnam)

    Born in 1976 in Nghe An - Viet Nam. After graduating from Hanoi University of Cinema and Theatre, Phan Dang Di started his career as independent filmmaker. He is currently teaching screen-writing at Hanoi National University. Phan Dang Di is part of the new wave of filmmakers in Vietnam.
Vietnam,  Germany,  France,  2010,  92 min.
Tran Tien, Mai Chau, Nguyen Ha Phong, Nguyen Thi Kieu Trinh, Hoa Thuy

In old Hanoi, Bi, a six-years-old child, lives together with his parents and relatives. One day his grandfather, gravely ill, returns home and becomes boy's best friend. Other members of the family don't really care about him. His father quaffs and alters his wife. Bi's mother turns a blind eye and transfers her affection to the grandfather. The aunt is a very prudish high-school teacher ardently attracted with her pupil.. what will happen when Bi's only friend will die?...