Young and Independent 2009
  • Director: Neil Mansfield (Australia)

    Lives in Newcastle, Australia. He has been writer, director and cinematographer for 20 years. His debut feature film Fresh Air was released to cinemas in 1999. His interests lie in cinema that is open, spontaneous, immediate, truthful, ambiguous... He has been developing his second feature, Streetsweeper, for ten years. The film won Best Film Jury Prize at Anchorage International Film Festival, 2008.

Australia,  2008,  77 min.
Marin Mimica
Young and Independent

A man emerges from the sea at dawn... a streetsweeper. He then works his way across a small industrial harbor city, pushing & pulling his trusty buggy & broom and zigzagging from one beloved zebra crossing to another. This princely pedestrian is prone to spontaneous outbursts of poetry inspired by the ephemeral things he finds on ordinary streets — lost love letters & modest moments. Unnoticed by most passers-by, he strolls through the sleepy CBD, wanders between ordinary suburban bungalows, dances in the cemetery, and takes the highway through the swamp out of town... until, at sunset three days later, his odyssey ends by a river.