Young and Independent 2009
Twilight Dancing
  • Director: Joshua Tong (China)

    Graduated from Communication University of China. He has been active filmmaker in Hong Kong and China mainland. A member of China Film Director & Reviewer Association. Twilight Dancing is his first film as a director.


  • Director: Tian Gao (China)

    Born in 1978, in Xi’an. In 2003, graduated from Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy. His first feature movie Mei Mei was screened at a number of film festivals and won some awards. Twilight Dancing is his second film.

China,  2008,  94 min.
Luodan Wang, Taishen Cheng, Zhaoming Liu
Young and Independent

Driving his only possession, a red van, Yanbing Hao waits for his wife who left him eight years ago. One day he meets Meimei, a mysterious girl, who feels constant severe pain in her body. After an encounter with the red van, she finds her physical pain reduced. Her foster father, the manager of an auto repair shop, Uncle Da, actually has affection for her inwardly. The only person who knows about this secret love is his son, lying on his sickbed since a car accident eight years ago. Meanwhile, Meimei realizes that her emotion as well as her physical pain faded away after meeting with the red van.