Panorama 2009
Unmistaken Child
  • Director: Nati Baratz (Israel)

    Born in 1969, in Jerusalem. He graduated from the Film School at Tel-Aviv University in 2000. A member of the high-tech industry, he has spent the last nine years working as a consultant for leading companies in India and Israel. Made a couple of documentaries for the Israeli television. Unmistaken Child is his first feature-length documentary, which won Best Documentary at the 24th Haifa International Film Festival, and The Golden Horn Award at the 49th Krakow Film Festival.

Israel,  2008,  102 min.
Tenzin Zopa

The year 2001 marked the death of Lama Konchog, one of the great contemporary Tibetan masters. The Dalai Lama gives Lama Konchog’s pupil, Tenzin Zopa, the task of locating his master’s incarnation. This ‘unmistaken child’ must be found within the next four years. His mission takes Tenzin to remote mountainous areas and to tiny villages where nothing seems to have changed in centuries. Tenzin travels by helicopter, by donkey and on foot. With the aid of astrologers, the interpretation of dreams and the advice of villagers he finally ascertains a boy who could be the one.