In short... 2009
Ice Age
  • Director: Andrei Gryazev (Russia)

    Graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture as director of theatrical performances (2004), studied in the First National School of TV as editor (2006) and at the Higher Courses of Film Writers & Directors (2008). In 2011 was nominated for national cinema award “Nika”. Andrei won more than 10 major awards of various European festivals of documentary films. Фильмография / Filmography: — Tomorrow, 2012 — Miner`s Day, 2010 — Sanya and Sparrow, 2009

Russia,  2009,  14 min.
Alexey Podolsky, Grigory Baranov, Oleg Gorban
In short...

In an abandoned apartment house which soon has to be demolished, there lives a middle-aged man dreaming of becoming a figure skater. He creates his own world with refrigerators and a mini-ring. But when two workers going to blow up the building intrude on his world, he starts a secret and unequal struggle.