Сompetition 2009
Inside down basement
  • Director: Daniel Vega, Diego Vega (Peru)

    Daniel and Diego Vega were born in Lima, Peru. Daniel has got a degree in Audiovisual Communications, while Diego graduated as a Film Script. Daniel and Diego Vega have co-founded Lucas Creative Co. to write, develop and produce fiction Latin American projects with social subjects. They are both currently living in Lima where they are finishing their first feature film called October.

Peru,  2008,  10 min.
Carlos Gassols, Herta Cárdenas

An old couple is at the age when life is far away but they are still alive. They are almost helpless and even not able to kill themselves: death is very close but apparently not yet available. But could it be that their existence is not that senseless and a little common thing can change it all?