Colleagues 2008
Best Short Films for 10 Years
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PASSENGER, México/ 1997/ fiction/ 8 min
Director:  Jorge Villalobos
At night, a woman alone has to be very careful...Especially with herself.

NO SUPPORT, México/ 1998/ animation/ 4 min
Director:  René Castillo, Antonio Urrutia
In a hostile city, an insignificant man decides to take his own life. During his fall into the void, he is rescued and seduced by the superfluous charms of the world of publicity.

THE WALL, México/ 1998/ animation/ 6 min
Director: Sergio Arau
A man in a striped suit walks until he gets to a wall that doesn't allow him to continue. In desperation, he will try to overcome this obstacle.

MR. I and MRS. O, México/ 1999/ fiction/ 18 min
Director:  Valentina Leduc
Once upon a time a couple hid their emotions, until one fine day chance knocked at their door.

TO THE BONE, México/ 2001/  animation/ 12 min
Director: René Castillo
This is the story of a man and his arrival to the world of the dead; bit by bit our character discovers that, despite some inconveniences, being dead is not that bad at all.

ROGELIO, México/ 2000/ fiction/ 5 min
Director:  Guillermo Arriaga
Life never really ends.

MARTA, México/ 2003/ fiction/ 17 min
Director:  Alejandro Ramírez
Lonely Juan Sánchez Cordero is innocent of every crime except that of having a boring life.

ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGET, México-Venezuela/ 2004/ fiction/ 13 min
Director:   Lorenzo Vigas Castes
Pedro, who takes great pride in his fabulous memory, fails to recognize a pair of teenagers traveling with him on the bus. Along the way, he jokes with them, without realizing that he once abused and abandoned these youths, and they're planning their revenge.

THE WATER AND THE MILK, México/ 2006/ fiction/ 12 min
Director: Celso García
A woman tries to get back her only companion in life: a cow.

EDEN, México/ 2007/ fiction/ 14 min
Director:  Sergio Tovar Velarde
The young girl Cyra suffers because of a seed that got stuck inside of her body and has started to grow. Her grandfather tries to protect her from rejection and discrimination in the town where they live, taking her to a better place.