Pro 2008
Danielle Vallet Kleiner's Seminar - «Alternative Cinema»
  • Director: Danielle Vallet Kleiner

2000,  0 min.

Born in 1958 in Paris. Artist, specialized in installation, photography and video, she also practices teaching. Graduated several IHL, including High School of Decorative Arts in Paris and Institute of Foreign languages in Dalian. Since 80-s she has been actively involved into the exposition activities. Her personal exhibitions were organized in Germany, France, Russia, Brazil and other countries. She is a participant of numerous artistic forums including the «Documenta X» (1997) exhibition of modern art in Cassel. VIFF «Pacific Meridian» will present three films presenting the different stages of the development of her original artistic language.


Chemins Qui Ne Mènent Nulle Part / The roads to nowhere 

1991-2007 / 65 min

The film consists of four parts, each of these narrates about the different geographical points. The story is made through editing of prolonged shots that change each other with the certain regularity.


Escape from New York

1997-2001 / 60 min, diptych

The order of the film made with the converse editing of 11 episodes that are of symmetrical length is the genuine anamorphosis of times.


Le Jardin Qui N’existe Pas / Nonexistent Garden
2001-2005 / 106 min, triptych
The simultaneous screening of three films of the same shot with the interchange of images followed with the texts on three languages. The work amplifies the problematic of times set in the previous film «Escape from New York»



Selected Filmography:
Eglise boulevard Serurier, 1991
Point géographique 2511925003, 1991 
Eden Cinéma, 1997 
Piscine rue de Trévise, 1997 
Istanbul-Helsinki (La traversée du vide), 1997 
Inspection Istanbul-Helsinki, 1997