Russian Cinema 2008
Lower Caledonia
  • Director: Yulia Kolesnik (Russia)

    Born in Moscow. Director, scriptwriter. Studied Geography in Moscow National University (graduated in 1992). From 1993 to 1997 was working for the DMB&B advertising agency, from 1997 to 1998 - for the PS TVC production studio.  Studied filmmaking in VGIK (2000, workshop of M. Khutsiev) . Lower Caledonia is her feature directing debut.

Russia,  2008,  101 min.
Nikita Tyunin, Maria Velichkina, Velimir Rusakov
Russian Cinema

If you listen long enough to the sound of wind, you may hear strange stories, which take place in the endless steppe by the great river in Lower Caledonia.Here a Moscow rascal named Vorsin has dreams which become reality, his sister ichthyologist Olga is fishing for her happiness, village idiot dances with ships, snake catchers dream about rich brides, and a nameless boy wakes up the spirits of ancients warriors. There is no Past or Future here, only the Present. Facing the eternity of Nature and Universe you feel the transience of life and the need to discover its meaning.