Сompetition 2008
The Shaft
  • Director: Zhang Chi (China)

    Born in 1977 in Beijing, China. He studied at China Central Academy Of Drama, majoring in Directing. During 2000-2004 he is a Director of China Central Television (CCTV). Since 2004 he is a Director and Screenwriter of China Film Association. In 2007 has been honored The Best Screenwriting Award of China Golden Rooster Awards for the film Dongjing Shenpan. The Shaft is his feature directing debut.  

China,  2008,  95 min.
Luo Deyuan, Huang Xuan, Zheng Luoqian

This feature is about a family of 3 people in a mine in Western China. The daughter wants to leave the mine and change her life, but she has to choose between her ideal and her love. The son has to decide whether to lead the same life as his father or to continue pursuing his ideal. The father has spent his whole life working on the mine. When retired at the age of 60, he decides to fulfill his last wish to look for his wife.