School. The first 2012
  • Director: Wong Kar-wai

    Was born in Shanghai in 1958. After graduating from Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, started education in TVB School. His first film As Tears Go By (1988) was successful and brought him great critic reviews, since then Wong Kar-wai is called The Only Art-director in Hong Kong. After feature film Chungking Express he started to work with Tarantino. In 1997, he made film Happy Together, which brought him prize for the Best director at the Cannes IFF. Nowadays Karwai is one of cinematography leaders, honorable guest and leader of jury of international festivals. Избранная фильмография / Selected Filmography: — My Blueberry Nights, 2007 — 2046, 2004 — In the Mood for Love, 2000 — Happy Together, 1997 — Chungking Express, 1994

Hong Kong,  1988,  94 min.
School. The first

Ah Wah is a mobster with a protégé – Fly – who can’t stay out of trouble. Continually landing in one hot spot after another, Fly depends on Wah to get him out of each mess, and though the local mob boss has told Wah to push Fly into another line of work, Wah can’t seem to say no to his friend. When Wah’s sickly cousin comes to stay with him, he tries to keep his unsavory existence from entering her life, but to no avail.