Made in Vladivostok 2012
Mr. Tříska’s Epoch Making Trip to Russia
  • Director: Filip Remunda

    Czech director, cinematographer and producer. In 2005, he graduated from FAMU — Documentary Directing department. His film, Village B., was named Best Documentary film at the 2002 Karlovy Vary IFF, and it received the Don Quixote Award at the 2003 Art IFF, as well as several other prizes at festivals in Europe and the USA. Filip Remunda is the co-founder of the Institute of Documentary Film. He runs the independent production company Hypermarket Film Ltd. Фильмография / Filmography: — Mr. Triska ´S Epoch Making Trip To Russia, 2010 — Czech Peace, 2010 — The Tadpole, The Rabbit and the Holly Ghost, 2007 — Film Encounters, 2007 — Czech Dream, 2004 — A.B.C.D.T.O.P.O.L., 2003

Czech Republic,  2010,  57 min.
Made in Vladivostok

This is a documentary film about the expedition of a Czech contemporary across Russia in the footsteps of his ancestor. Jaroslav Tříska is a teacher who discovered his grandfather’s diary a few years ago; he had spent the First World War and the civil war in Russia and returned to his home village only six years later, in 1920. His grandson now packs his grandfather’s diary into his back-pack and sets out on his lifetime trip exactly along the route of his legionnaire grandfather’s pilgrimage — Prague — Moscow — Yekaterinburg — Novosibirsk — Vladivostok.