Kids + Parents = Cinema 2012
  • Director: Park Chul-Soon

    Born in 1983 in Korea. He participated in many TV projects and directed several shorts including Bean Sprout Project after graduating Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts. Lovable is his first directorial feature. Фильмография / Filmography: — Lovable, 2011 — Happy BIirthday, 2010 — Bean Sprout Project, 2008 — Phones’ War, 2002

Korea, South,  2011,  86 min.
Kids + Parents = Cinema

9-year-old Daseul suffers from autism. Living in a seaside town with her grandmother and uncle, she draws pictures everywhere in the village during the day, and watches a snowman cartoon over and over again on video at night. When the long-awaited snow falls in the village, Daseul makes a snowman and looks after it affectionately and starts to cover the town with black paint.