Kids + Parents = Cinema 2012
  • Director: Lee Dae hee

    Born in 1977. He made short animation films The Paper boy (2001) and We are the Punx (2003),while he studied animation in Sejong University. After he graduated, he entered the animation production company and worked for many various TV animations. He is currently running his own animation studio and finally completed his first feature animation called Padak. 2001 [The paper boy] Short 2003 [We are the punx] Short 2012 [PADAK] DCP, color, 78 min – First Feature

Korea, South,  2012,  78 min.
Kids + Parents = Cinema

Once a free fish in the ocean, the ‘Mackerel’ was caught with the fishing net and brought to the fish tank in a seafood restaurant. She searches for a way out intentionally and relentlessly since she came into the tank.