Documentaries: Ocean 2012
  • Director: Joel Heath

    A leading Canadian ecologist, studied effects of climate change on the Arctic sea ice ecology. For his Ph.D. Joel worked with Inuit, developing time lapse monitoring technology and an underwater camera system to capture the world’s first images of eiders diving below the sea ice. This led to Joel’s involvement in BBC’s Planet Earth: Ice Worlds and Frozen Planet. During his time in the Arctic Joel listened to the Inuit stories of a troubled future due to neighboring hydroelectric dams. To help share these stories Joel began a five-year process to create his first feature documentary People of a Feather. Фильмография / Filmography: — People of a Feather, 2011

Canada,  2011,  90 min.
Documentaries: Ocean

Currents around southern Hudson Bay’s Belcher Islands once created a favorable environment for eider ducks essential to the Islands’ Inuit people. Starting in 1974, hydroelectric development on rivers flowing into Canada’s James Bay has altered those currents and even seasonal cycles. Using extraordinary cinematography and complementary acoustics, this film argues that these northern people’s struggle to preserve their world is our struggle, too.