Documentaries: art of living 2012
  • Director: Robert Cibis, Lilian Frank

    Robert Cibis Producer and director of several documentary and fiction films. In 2007, his two-part documentary Disgustingly Healthy won the Ekotop Prize. Robert also graduated from Film studies of the University of Rome and Sorbonne in Paris. Lilian Franck Studied direction of documentaries at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy and continued at Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing. Robert Cibis and Lilian Franck created company Oval Film. Among their works: Human Capital - The Business (2004), Jesus Loves You (2008) and several movies made for TV.

Austria,  Germany,  2009,  93 min.
Documentaries: art of living

Pianomania follows Stefan Knüpfer, a piano tuner from Steinway and his famous clients Lang Lang, Brendel, Buchbinder and Pierre-Laurent Aimard as they search for the perfect tone. Truly, an unusual and entertaining peek behind the curtain in the world’s great concert halls.