Documentaries: ARTDOCFEST film festival 2012
  • Director: Madina Mustafina

    Madina Mustafina was born in 1987 in Kazakhstan. In 2010 she came to Moscow to enter the Directors Program at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). This film is her debut.

2011,  57 min.
Documentaries: ARTDOCFEST film festival

The film features the life of the mother and daughter who live in the woods at the outskirts of an anonymous big city. They live on the edge of civilization, making money by theft, and selling scrap metal. Other people’s everyday life exists somewhere far away. “Milana” is the story of what is left when people have lost everything, their family and its values, their friends, job, property, and home itself. Their language is a mixture of taboo and obscene language. The film shows a profound degradation of social relations. However, despite its clear social context, first and foremost, it is a mother-daughter story very familiar to the trouble-free audience.