Documentaries: ARTDOCFEST film festival 2012
  • Director: Felix Yakubson

    Felix Yakubson was born in 1941. In 1965, he graduated from the Physics department of the Leningrad Electrical Technical Institute, and was an amateur film-maker. Before 1992, he worked with the Leningrad Studios of Popular Science Films, and after that, he became an independent film producer. He is coordinating the F-Seminar NGO, and he edited the major volume “Russia. The 20th century in Photographs.” He directed over 30 documentaries, educational and short films, and films of popular science.
Russia,  2012,  91 min.
Documentaries: ARTDOCFEST film festival

In Petersburg, on a Neva river bank there live a father and a son. Father’s principal hobby is his video camera. He records all his “diaries” with it, photographing at home and visiting other people’s houses, on the street and when traveling. His characters are passers-by, lonely old people, city bohemians, young friends of his son’s, and prisoners in Mordovia labor camps. Yet when he cannot find answers to some very important questions, he decides to go to Jerusalem. For a while he travels with his son but then they part. There is a serious change coming in father’s life.