Documentaries: ARTDOCFEST film festival 2012
  • Director: Valery Shevchenko

    Valery Shevchenko was born in Irkutsk, in 1958. He graduated from the GITIS theater college’s acting school, and the VGIK’s school of film direction. He directed two documentaries, and one feature film. He received awards from a number of Russian film festivals.
Russia,  2011,  17 min.
Documentaries: ARTDOCFEST film festival

How and where you can see traits of a child’s forming character? Probably, everywhere and in everything, but most importantly, in his actions. Let us follow a child in a simple case, the New Year celebration, with its sparkling lights, toys, fireworks, when it is possible to observe him quietly. Especially when it happens next to the biggest Christmas tree in the Kremlin, with real Father Frost. A child there is left alone for a few hours among five thousand other children. To see a big picture ina small detail—this is what our film is about, composed of a chain of events that form a child's character, including his cowardice, courage, fear and fearlessness, servility, and the desire for freedom