Alter///scrinium. 10 Theses Of The Architecture. Screening Part 2011
Terence Gower. New Utopias
  • Director: Terence Gower

    Born in 1965 in British Columbia (Канада). Lives and works in New York and Mexico City.

    Selected personal exhibitionи:
    2011 — New Utopias, Galerie M + R Fricke, Berlin
    2005 — Ciudad Moderna — Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City
    1997 — Display Library, Poliester, Mexico City

    Selected group  exhibition:
    2010 — Yesterday’s Tomorrows — Musée d´art contemporain de Montréal, Montreal, QC
    2008 — Tlatelolco and the localized negotiation of future imaginaries — New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City, NY
    2005 — America Tropical — Institut du Mexique à Paris, Paris

2010,  17 min.
Alter///scrinium. 10 Theses Of The Architecture. Screening Part

Courtesy by Artist

New Utopias is a witty artistic statement that derives from a necessity to define after all a modern discourse on utopian projects and their different portrayal. Terence Gower uses a unique method when he disguised a Walt Disney, who was one of the leading creators of original images for Cold War period propaganda, tells about different cultural phenomena that were building American history throughout the 1950s.

Gower’s integrated approach to historic material analysis allows him to create a specific form of art archive somewhere in between critical rethinking of historic events and special aesthetic mode. Firstly the artist is focused on the fact that history cannot be understood unilaterally, and even insignificant events may become epic in historic perspective.