Alter///scrinium. 10 Theses Of The Architecture. Screening Part 2011
Jean-Louis Schuller. Chungking Dream
  • Director: Jean-Louis Schuller

    Born in 1979 in Luxembourg. Lives and works in London.

    Selection filmography:
    2010 — High / Low (HD, Samsa Film, dir. Sam Blair & Jean-Louis Schuller)
    2007 — Elephants (D-20 HD, NFTS Prod., dir. Sally Pearce)(director of photography)
    2005 — Gemini (DVcam/Pro35, IAD Prod., dir. Jacques Molitor) (director of photography)

2008,  17 min.
Alter///scrinium. 10 Theses Of The Architecture. Screening Part

Courtesy by National Audiovisual Centre,Luxembourg

Hong Kong, one of the largest and overpopulated megalopolises in the world, represents the most exact and in some way idealized portrait of modern times. It is a multinational and eclectic city with residents of different origin and social background. Being one of the world financial capitals, Hong Kong with its unique history makes true a certain myth of multiculturalism as an adequate relationships type within a body of society.

The narration of Chungking Dream is centered around so called Chungking Mansions that were a home for people coming to Hong Kong in order to chase their ambitions and become a part of modern megalopolis reality. Despite a low social level of its residents, the Mansions represent a unique living space where people of different nationalities and cultural background live together in peace.

By skilful mixing of short interviews with aesthetic pictures of Mansions specific architecture, in his cinematographic story Jean-Louis Schull- er creates a profound metaphor of an ark, a limited space where wide-spread social controversy disappears.