Alter///scrinium. 10 Theses Of The Architecture. Screening Part 2011
Cyprien Gaillard. Desniansky Raion
  • Director: Cyprien Gaillard

    Born in 1980 in Paris. Lives and works in Berlin.

    Selected personal exhibitions:
    2010 — Cyprien Gaillard — Obstacles to Renewal — Kunsthalle Basel, Basel
    2008 — Cyprien Gaillard — Le canard de Beaugrenelle — CAC — Centre dґart contemporain de Brйtigny, Brйtigny s/Orge
    2006 — Cyprien Gaillard — The Lake Arches — Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (England)

    Selected group exhibitions:
    2010 — 8th Gwangju Biennale — 10,000 Lives — Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
    2008 — 5. Berlin Biennale fьr Zeitgenцssische Kunst — , Berlin
    2007 — Territoires en expansion — Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur Marne

2007,  30 min.
Alter///scrinium. 10 Theses Of The Architecture. Screening Part

Courtesy of Laura Bartlett Gallery and Artist

Socialist system collapse in Eastern Europe of the 80s was a turning point for the world history having changed the modern political landscape and leaving many questions, the major one being, “To what point is a society able to fulfill a utopian project, even partially?” Certainly, a lot of architectural projects materialized utopian plans, from unusual public buildings to different experiments in city planning. At the same time countries without socialist order had a lot of social buildings for citizens, that turned into localized worlds where their residents alienate themselves from social life and life in the outskirts of them.

Total failure of utopian projects gives food for thought to a French artist, Cyprien Gaillard, who analyses human activity in material culture. The artist works as an archeologist and tries to find and save passing moments of uncertainty that stroke the present times. Desniansky Raion movie refers to representation of different cultural objects that were created to embody social utopia but turned out to be a declaration of total failure of new world creation ideas. Gaillard presents urban spaces images filled with futuristic poetry and accompanied by incredibly tense soundtrack; we can see various situations developing there. For instance, report shooting of a fight in one of the residential districts in a Russian city coincides with a bright light show on the residential house facade before its demolition. The artist injects his movie with subtle associations revealing a certain genetic link between architectural objects of different historical epochs; huge community on Kiev residential district with the help of certain angles used in programs about archeological memorials turns out to be a magnified model of megalithic constructions of Stonehenge.