Special screening 2011
Brothel Lights
  • Director: Alexander Gordon

    Actor, director, television and radio journalist. Born in 1964 to the family of the artist, writer and poet Garri Gordon. In 1987 graduated from the actor faculty of the Shchukin Theatre School. In 1989-1997 hosted some popular programs on Russian TV in the USA. Since 1997 author and presenter of programs on ORT, TV-6, NTV, radio “Silver Rain”, etc. Since 2007 hosts the program “Closed Screening” on the Russian First Channel. In 2002 debuted in fiction cinema with the film The Shepherd of His Cows (jury prize of the Russian FF “Literature and Cinema” for the best debut). Four times winner of the TEFI award.

Russia,  2011,  108 min.
Special screening

Odessa, 1958. The mistress of a small brothel is a real beauty with a bright personality, a character who is at once deep and tragicomic. …Mum Lyuba quits her job. Her future is to become the wife of a sea captain and to live the best years of her life quietly, comfortably and in a careless way. However Lyuba chooses the fragile poet and soothsayer Adam over the reliable and well-off captain. The plan for her personal life changes suddenly. As Mum Lyuba says, “I feel bad for people, especially everyone”.