Opening film 2011
Court Of Heaven
  • Director: Alyona Zvantsova

    Since 1999 Alyona has been into the film industry. Took part in 20 film productions, starting with the acting debut in Strawberry Café series. She used to work as a script writer, later on following up with the filmmaking.

Russia,  2011,  110 min.
Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Porechenkov, Nikita Zverev
Opening film

Lawyers Andrey and Veniamin are friends, but their work often makes them opponents. And the trials they take part in happen in the world of the Afterlife. They are part of the Justice of Heaven, which decides where the soul of a person must be directed after death — to Heaven or to Hell. But one day some personal interests of Andrey unexpectedly interfere with his work: The person on the defendants’ bench is the man who offered his hand to his young widow…