Documentaries. The society we can never change? 2011
  • Director: Naomi Kawase

    was born in Nara. She graduated from the Osaka School of Photography 1989. In 1993, she made Embracing, about her search for the father who abandoned her in her youth. At the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 1995, Embracing was given a Special Mention and FIPRESCI Prize. Katatsumori, her portrait of grandmother who raised her, won an Award for Excellence in the New Asian Currents program. In 1997, became the youngest winner of the Camera d'Or Award in the history of Cannes Film Festival for her first feature Suzaku. In 2000, she garnered both of the FIPRESCI Prize and the CICAE Prize at Locarno International Film Festival for the film Hotaru.

Japan,  2010,  92 min.
Yoshimura Tadashi
Documentaries. The society we can never change?

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “The valley spirit never dies. It is named the mysterious woman (genpin).” The valley spirit at the source of a large river ceaselessly gives birth to life and never dies out. Through the flux of the Japanese seasons, Kawase Naomi entered the circle of the women giving birth at the Yoshimura Clinic and the world of Dr. Yoshimura, who has spent 40 years on the path of natural childbirth.