Made in Vladivostok 2011
Vladivostok dream
  • Director: Ricardo Soto

    Born in Mexicocity. Now he isfinishingthedirectionstudiesonthe Cinema Training Center. He wasmade short films likepart of theschool, like “Lastpassengers” selected in film festivalslikePacific Meridian, Plus Camerimage, Sao Paulo, Travelling - France, Brno16 and others. Also he ismaking a documentaryaboutdreams and starttowork in hisfirstfictionfeature film.

Mexico,  Russia,  2011,  15 min.
Nikita Bykov
Made in Vladivostok

She remember the end of a relationship, he is come back from the sea, the time never stop and they are still there. Dreams are the only truth of who we say to be. Vladivostok is stay inside a dream.