Made in Vladivostok 2011
Lost in Mozart - an opera in Vladivostok
  • Director: Anika Meier

    Cultural Studies Graduate, MA European Media Studies University of Potsdam LOST IN MOZART – AN OPERA IN VLADIVOSTOK: DEBUTFILM Dramaturgy for DAD HAS A STRANGE GERMAN ACCENT (Elsa Rassbach Film Production Berlin/New York) Head of Production for several film festivals (achtung berlin, Spirit of Islam Film Fest, Aberdeen Short Film Festival). Production of diverse projects for German TV (ZDF & NDR) Translator & Editor

Germany,  Russia,  2011,  58 min.
Made in Vladivostok

Vladivostok – that is at the end of the Transsibirian railway. Although closer to the economic power Japan, the booming China and the divided Korea, this city bears a lot of European, especially German heritage in itself. Above all, Chinese people travel here because here they find their version of “Europe” just in front of their doorstep. Borders do get blurry here. An opera project tries to stir up this realm of cultural and historical layers in 2009. This film documents a production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's “The Magic Flute” with German and Russian artists in Vladivostok. For the first time an opera is staged at the local philharmonics of Vladivostok. The film follows the beginnings of the production to the premiere. In the focus of attention are not only cultural misunderstandings, lost in translation scenarios and the difficult work situation of the Russian artists. Also, essential questions about the value of art within the post-Soviet state arises, which derive from the intercultural dialogue.