Pro 2011
Jonnie got his gun
  • Director: Yves Montmayeur

    He has been a journalist for the print magazine specialising in movies ‘Le Cinéphage’ ; for Canal +, ‘Le Journal du cinéma’ (1996) ; Paris-Première, magazine ‘Rive Droite/ Rive Gauche’ (1997/2002) ; Arte, ‘Métropolis’ et‘Tracks’ (1999-2005) ; Ouï FM (1998) ; France 2, magazine ‘P.I.N.K’ (Programmed’InformationNonConformiste, 2000). He was also managing director of the Rencontres Internationales Henri-Langlois (1996-97); co- programmer of L’Étrange Festival à Paris (1992-2000) ; co-programmer of festival Mecal à Barcelone (2002-2003).

Hong Kong,  France,  2010,  59 min.

Hong Kong is the Hollywood of Asia, with some 6 million inhabitants. Around 80 films are produced here every year. And, despite the crisis that hit the film industry in the late 1990s, the production of this former British colony remains one of the hubs of genre films today. Thanks to a semi-abstract approach, chock full of references to Jean-Pierre Melville's mesmeric thrillers and Sergio Leone's Westerns, Johnnie To has, single-handedly, breathed new life into the film noir. Johnnie To could be considered as a kind of Hong Kong "Godfather". It is in this role that he escorts us to the heart of his territory, his city. We meet many of his preferred actors and regular members of his crew, we will begin to understand exactly what it is that gives his films such a special atmosphere.